Lesson series

Customer Service Representative

The JEM Med Academy "Customer Service Specialist" course gives its graduates special insight into the nuances of working in a Customer Service role with a Medical Device company.
Learn all you need to know about Medical Devices Customer Service

What's included?

4 Chapters
  • Learn the nuances of the role
  • Understand the expectations
  • Get insight into the transferable skills
  • What's the day-to-day?
  • Learn the terminology to excel in your interview
  • Add your professional development to you resume
Meet the instructor

Casey Duggan

Casey Duggan entered the Medical Sales Industry in 2003 after initially training as an Osteopath.
In her 17 year career Casey has in multiple roles across Sales, Marketing, Clinical Support, Education and Account Management.
In 2017 she established the first dedicated Medical Device Temp Agency supplying contingent workers to Medical Device companies and is one of the co-Directors of JEM Med Academy and Recruitment.
Casey Duggan - Course author