If you're applying for a role supporting or selling Electrosurgery equipment, you need to understand the principles behind electrosurgery, the tissue effects and the commercial considerations for the company representative.

Although this course is no replacement for a comprehensive training course offered by a Medical company, it will help you with the key terms required to understand Electrosurgery.

The main goal with this course is to obtain a wide vocabulary based on Electrosurgical terminology. This is crucial so graduates will be able to first, communicate intelligently with hiring managers to help secure a sales or support role. Secondly, graduates of this course will form a strong, solid foundation, which will enable them to integrate and contribute at a faster pace once out in the field.
Understand the language and key concepts of Spinal Surgery.

What's included?

7 Modules covering all you need to know to get started in the world of Electrosurgery sales and clinical support.


Who are the key stakeholders when selling or supporting the use of electrosurgery products?


Learn how to "talk the talk"! Understand the unique terminology as it pertains to electrosurgery.  

Electricity & Electrosurgery

Understanding the use of electricity in electrosurgical procedures is critical to understanding how the these products work, their benefits and how to sell and support them.

Smoke Evacuation

Discussion of the risks and management strategies of Intra-operative Plume.

Tissue Effects & Vessel Sealing

Explore the main objectives of electrosurgery and how the different kinds of products are applied.

Risks & Challenges

What are the common risks and roadblocks when using and selling electrosurgical equipment? 
Meet the instructor

Casey Duggan

Casey Duggan entered the Medical Sales Industry in 2003 after initially training as an Osteopath.
In her 17 year career Casey has worked in multiple roles across Sales, Marketing, Clinical Support, Education and Account Management predominantly across multiple therapeutic areas.
Casey Duggan - Course author