Lesson series

From Allied Health to Rehab sales.

This course has been designed specifically for Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) to get a greater understanding of the Rehab product market, why they may be suited to a Rehab product sales role, what is involved in working for a Rehab company and how you can succeed in sales.
Learn all you need to know about Medical Devices Loan Set roles

What's included?

4 Chapters
  • Learn the nuances of the role
  • Understand the expectations
  • Get insight into the transferable skills
  • What's the day-to-day?
  • Learn the terminology to excel in your interview
  • Add your professional development to you resume

Learning Objective

To understand the Rehabilitation market locally and globally

Learning Objective

To understand the key transferable skills of Allied Health Professionals transitioning into Rehab sales

Learning Objective

To understand the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of Rehab Sales professionals

Learning Objective

To understand how to stand out from the crowd and how to excel in the role.
Meet the instructor

Tara Sharma

Tara trained as a Physiotherapist in the UK and worked in the Public system and Private practice before relocating to Australia.
Whilst considering applying for her Australian Physio registration, Tara stumbled upon a Rehab Sales role and her career in Medical Devices began! After a successful sales career in Rehab and Spine roles, Tara embarked on a coaching and consulting career and is now one of the co-Directors of JEM Med Academy and Recruitment.
Tara Sharma - Course author