2021 MedTech Salary Survey

Over the course of 2021 the MedTech industry has evolved. Covid restrictions were felt right across the country and industry professionals are more interested than ever in benchmarking their financial positions. Likewise, companies have been looking for ways to get a "read" on how their salary packages stack up.

The JEM Med 2021 Salary survey was completed by current MedTech professionals across a range of roles, therapeutic areas and with a variety of tenures. It is now available for download.

Given the interest in this information, we will be running the survey again in 2022 so please let us know if there's different, or more specific, information you would like to receive!
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What's included?

  • Base salary by role
  • Base salary by therapeutic area
  • Base salary by tenure
  • Bonus information

Stay on Track 

Benchmark your salary within the wider industry

Hit your goals

Use the information for package negotiations

Hiring Managers

Utilise the information when hiring or discussing salary reviews